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This weekend at the races

As usual it was a busy weekend for triathlon in Western New York! Did we miss your race result? Let us know!

Sunday August 1st: Cayuga Lake Triathlon

Cayuga Lake Sprint Triathlon

It was a close race between the top men in this field! With just 8 seconds to spare Rochester’s Brian Emelson took the top honors over Eddie Hill, with a fast charging Kane Picken just a minute behind. Jennifer Preston won with a comfortable lead over a tight second and third place finish by Rebecca Padera and Alyssa Morrison.

Men:                                                                                           Women:

1. Brian Emelson          1:13.01                                            1. Jennifer Peterson    1:18.55
2. Eddie Hill                   1:13.09                                             2. Rebecca Padera      1:22.51
3. Kane Picken              1:14.44                                            3. Alyssa Morrison       1:23.15

In the Intermediate race less than two minutes separated the top three men, and an equal margin separated the top three women!

1. Todd Shatynski                2:04.41                                      1. Jeanette Shelow – MacDougal  2:24.06
2. Bryan parker                    2:05.32                                      2. Danielle Ohlson  2:24.36
3. Nick Lehecka                   2:06.45                                       3. Yvette DeBoer     2:27.41

Complete results can be found here.

Wilson Wet and Wild Duathlon

 The overall title for the duathlon went to Rachel Brooks! Yes that’s right, this speedy female took top honors for both the men’s and women’s field, and she did it by over a minute!

Men:                                                                                                               women:

1. Richard Metzger  1:31:15                                                                    1. Rachel Brooks   1:29:24
2. Keith Hadley          1:32:04                                                                  2. Heidi Glovack    1:34:35
3. Ken Tocha              1:34:32                                                                   3. Jaqueline Montesanti  1:38:38

Wilson Wet and Wild Triathlon

In the triathlon West Point’s Murphy Caine stole the show over Ryan Landy from Atlanta Georgia on the men’s side, while fresh off an Achilles injury  Mary Eggers used a strong swim  quick transitions to hold off the fast charging Marit Ogin from Orchard Park!

Men                                                                                                                   Women:

1. Murphy Caine       1:15.37                                       1. Mary Eggers     1:24.41
2. Ryan Landy           1:17.40                                      2. marit Ogin        1:26.15
3. Daryl Clarke          1:23.01                                     3. Eileen Grew     1:27.44

Full results can be found here.


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