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Welcome to WNY Multisport!!!!!!

Welcome to WNY Multisport! We aim to be Westen New York’s #1 multisport resource for your 2011 season!!! Throughout the next few weeks we will be updating this site to include anything and everything related to multisport in our region! We’ve received several links for coaching, bike shops and race series, we ask that you keep them coming!!!!

We launched as a trial this summer and feedback was overwhelming! Look for us to roll out a completed site in January 2011. We are strictly a group of triathletes who are not endorsed by anyone, not members of one club or business, just a group who wants to promote multsiport! send us your stuff!


This weekend at the races 8/16

Perfect weather : sun, wind and even some rain greeted WNY athletes at the races this weekend. Those racing at the Sodus Point Triathlon were suprised with a flipped lake… yielding temperatures of 50 degrees!

Sodus Point Triathlon

1. Todd Smith                       1:02.18
2. Nic Poirier                        1:03.47
3. George Newsome           1:05.06

1. Christina de Vries            1:14.07
2. Sarah Newsome                1:14.54
3. Janelle Gutman                  1:16.03

Cazenovia Triathlons

Elite Wave Men and Women

1. Travis Kuhl                         1:10.12
2. Eric Prager                         1:13.51
3. Eric Virkler                         1:13.10
4. Garett Wagner                   1:14.34
5. Kristin White                       1:45.45

Olympic Distance

1. Dereck Treadwell               2:03.25
2. Nick Lehecka                        2:06.15
3. Andy powell                         2:14.40

1. Julie Rosa             2:24.19
2. Katie Hursey 2:32.53
3. Susan Kreplin-Michaels     2:33.52

This weekend at the races! 8/9/10

The 2010 Riverside Federal Credit Union Summer Sizzler sprint triathlon, formula one triathlon, duathlon and kids races took place this past Saturday on a picture perfect day in Grand Island NY.

In the sprint race 20-24 age grouper Daniel Szajta held off a fast charging 53 year old  Curt Eggers for the overall title, and right behind Curt was youngster Nicholas Brodnicki to round off the top three. On the women’s side Diane Bishop beat Brenda Spillman to the line, who was closely followed by Tersa Berg to round out the top three.

The formula one triathlon featured a swim bike run then swim bike run event, Travis Earley of Rochester won with a comfortable margin over Kevin Patterson of Buffalo who took second and Joey Meyer also of Buffalo who nabbed third overall. Kathleen Hayden of Rochester continued her winning streak as she took the top female spot over up and coming Christine Devries. Rounding out the podium was Rochester’s Karin Kellman putting the final touches on her training as she prepared for Timberman 70.3 later this month.

Duathletes hit the roads with a bang as David Welby took the first podium spot followed by duathlete legends James Roche and  Warrern Elvers of Getzville. Rachel Brooks followed up her outright overall win last week in Wilson with the top female spot here today, extending her winning streak. Rochester’s Kristine Mallory finished second and Barbara Orielly finished third overall female.

Complete results can be found at

Riverside federal Credit Union Summer Sizzler Duathlon:


1. David Welby      54.01
2. James Roche     56:26
3. Warren Elvers   57:29


1. Rachel Brooks        1:00.35
2. Kristine Mallory    1:02.43
3. Barbara Orielly      1:04.36

Riverside Federal Credit Union Summer Sizzler Sprint Triathlon


1. Daniel Szjata                  51:44
2. Curt Eggers                    53:00
3. Nicholas Brodnicki     54:21


1. Diane Bishop         1:00.44
2. Bredna Spillman  1:01.24
3. Teresa Berg            1:01.45

Riverside Federal Credit Union Summer Sizzler Formula One Triathlon


1. Travis Earley          1:44.25
2. Kevin Patterson    1:45.37
3. Joey Meyer             1:45.41


1. Kathleen Hayden       1:54.19
2. Christine Devries       2:03.22
3. Karin Kellman            2:05.06

Afflac Irongirl Syracuse

This all women’s triathlon in Syracuse continued to gain steam as many of the area’s most talented females took to the race course on Saturday morning. Jamie Sherwood enjoyed a comfortable win over Stephanie Perotti, who was able to hold off a fast charging group of ladies behind her. Stephanie Gardner took third, with Dawm Kolis in 4th and Shelly Connors in 5th! Complete results here:

1. Jaime Sherwood 1:21:59
2. Stephanie Perotti 1:24:53
3. Stephanie Gardner 1:25:47
4. Dawn Kolis 1:26:21
5. Shelly Connors 1:27:49
1. Jaime Sherwood 1:21:59
2. Stephanie Perotti 1:24:53
3. Stephanie Gardner 1:25:47
4. Dawn Kolis 1:26:21
5. Shelly Connors 1:27:49

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This weekend at the races

As usual it was a busy weekend for triathlon in Western New York! Did we miss your race result? Let us know!

Sunday August 1st: Cayuga Lake Triathlon

Cayuga Lake Sprint Triathlon

It was a close race between the top men in this field! With just 8 seconds to spare Rochester’s Brian Emelson took the top honors over Eddie Hill, with a fast charging Kane Picken just a minute behind. Jennifer Preston won with a comfortable lead over a tight second and third place finish by Rebecca Padera and Alyssa Morrison.

Men:                                                                                           Women:

1. Brian Emelson          1:13.01                                            1. Jennifer Peterson    1:18.55
2. Eddie Hill                   1:13.09                                             2. Rebecca Padera      1:22.51
3. Kane Picken              1:14.44                                            3. Alyssa Morrison       1:23.15

In the Intermediate race less than two minutes separated the top three men, and an equal margin separated the top three women!

1. Todd Shatynski                2:04.41                                      1. Jeanette Shelow – MacDougal  2:24.06
2. Bryan parker                    2:05.32                                      2. Danielle Ohlson  2:24.36
3. Nick Lehecka                   2:06.45                                       3. Yvette DeBoer     2:27.41

Complete results can be found here.

Wilson Wet and Wild Duathlon

 The overall title for the duathlon went to Rachel Brooks! Yes that’s right, this speedy female took top honors for both the men’s and women’s field, and she did it by over a minute!

Men:                                                                                                               women:

1. Richard Metzger  1:31:15                                                                    1. Rachel Brooks   1:29:24
2. Keith Hadley          1:32:04                                                                  2. Heidi Glovack    1:34:35
3. Ken Tocha              1:34:32                                                                   3. Jaqueline Montesanti  1:38:38

Wilson Wet and Wild Triathlon

In the triathlon West Point’s Murphy Caine stole the show over Ryan Landy from Atlanta Georgia on the men’s side, while fresh off an Achilles injury  Mary Eggers used a strong swim  quick transitions to hold off the fast charging Marit Ogin from Orchard Park!

Men                                                                                                                   Women:

1. Murphy Caine       1:15.37                                       1. Mary Eggers     1:24.41
2. Ryan Landy           1:17.40                                      2. marit Ogin        1:26.15
3. Daryl Clarke          1:23.01                                     3. Eileen Grew     1:27.44

Full results can be found here.

Welcome to WNY Multisport

Welcome to your one stop shop for everything that’s multisport in Western New York! Here you will find resources, race results, and the latest news covering the Western New York, Upstate New York region! While we are just up and running we hope to have race results and news from May / June and July updated soon!

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